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So it just occurred to me I have not updated this journal since January. Yeah.

Anyway, school as started again and I am dreading the homework loads that are sure to come. I so do not want to think about how much work it will be. I thought senior year was supposed to be the easiest? Or is that just a myth they tell you to get you through it? So far hasn't been bad though I do have a minor essay due tomorrow. I am so looking forward to the weekend! Time to catch up on things!

I am ridiculously backlogged on things I need to watch. I have to finally catch up on the Naruto anime and Yumeiro Patissiere. Both are on my list and then a whole bunch of crap. I did finally watch Baccano! though. Seriously where has this been all my life?! It is so good!

But yes things to do and I will put more of an effort toward updating this journal. My back to school resolution!